What is your opinion about women?How do you think that they are?

Women are delicate!

Women are simple!

Women are bright!

Women are unpredictable!

Women are peaceful!

Women are joyful!

Women are beautiful!

Women are perfect!


2 Responses to “Women”

  1. Wow great new blog.
    i got your comments on the old blog.
    They arrived in my spam comments.
    Try changing you email adress.
    when my blog went down.
    The day before i made about a hundred comments.
    i think if you make too many comments at one time.
    The network recognises you as a spammer.
    if all else fails start a new blog with a new email adress.
    And don’t make to many commments. lol

    Once again i hope this helps.

  2. WOMEN are great because they give birth to strong MEN…. lol,..that is true!!! I got that from the movie “300”…

    We are fortunate because we can express our feelings and emotions through words and actions freely. (well not most women are, but naturally we can without being misunderstood)

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