First day of snow

Since 2 weeks every morning i waked up and the first thing that i was made it was to look on the window hoping to see the snow 🙂
Yupiiiiiiiiii 🙂 Today it was really happend!!I was waked up just like other days and i was watched again on the window but this time the things were different cause the snow was there…everywhere…I was very happy to watch how it snows for the first time this year.


5 Responses to “First day of snow”

  1. I just love the first snow. It is soooo white, pur, innocent, and inviting. I love all of the photos! I am sooo glad you have fixed your computer problem! It would not have been the same without ya! 🙂 Have fun in the snow! Be sure to make a snow angel.

  2. Happy first snow, Alina!

  3. Don’t cha just love the first snow fall of the year so clean and white……wish we could get a decient snow fall here once in a while….by the way great pics of the snow thanks have a blessed day!!

  4. Great, you got snow too.
    Usually spam messages mean problems.
    Viruses or popups.
    But yours looks like an supposedly non exstant email.
    i don’t know how to help.
    cant let you out of my spam queue just incase it puts my blog in trouble.
    Too much work has gone into it.
    Just try attachng a new email.
    Failing that i’ll keep checking on them there.
    And reply here.
    i hope you are able to fix this.
    i really do.

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