Make up

Which one is your favourite?Do you prefer the natural make up or…?


5 Responses to “Make up”

  1. no make up at all… i only wear make-up when i have to. i love to scratch my eyes, and touch my face-so make up is really not essential to me… but the weird thing is that i love looking at people who have make-up on and always i watch make-up tutorials on youtube. 🙂

  2. I am more the natural gal. I wear light makeup and heavier, only if I need to impress a client! I hate all the extra work I would need to do on my face! Lovely photos! Which do you prefer? 🙂

  3. They are all so beautiful I could never pick…..I myself wear light make up because I’m out in the public and I like to look somewhat nice.

  4. I like the last one. Kinda snow-elfish.

  5. Cool! Always love trying something new, I’m gonna have to try this out tomorrowThanks!Mandy

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