Men and women

Behind every great man there’s a great woman 😀 What is your opinion about this?


5 Responses to “Men and women”

  1. I AGREE 1 billion + %. 🙂

  2. I love this image. LOL Wish I could be creative enough, or gutsy, to come up with a painting like this. I agree 100%.

  3. erm. difficult to say.
    in most cases i think yes.
    But how do you define great?.
    i don’t think a truly great man [or woman] exists.
    We are all floored in different ways

  4. I have a few questions on this opinion:
    why the woman always behind ?
    why only one woman for a great man? Never several?
    Does’t one other great man behind a great man gay?

  5. My opinion is that Santa had darn well better do what he’s told …

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