What means to love?

1. To love means to forgive. 
2. To love means to lose control. 
3. To love means, maybe, to light up the best part in us. 
4. To love means to be born.
5. To love means to risk not being loved back. 
6. To love means to transform, to be a poet.
7. To love means to put our happiness in someone else’s happiness.
8. To love means to want, to see, to touch, to feel, with all your senses at once.
9. To love means searching for half of the whole you used to be a part of.
10. To love means to admire with one’s heart. 


5 Responses to “What means to love?”

  1. well just look at these new digs! how beautiful it is here. as always, you do a great job at keeping us entertained! we all thank you for that. loved the post.

    i have loved only twice in my life and i married both of those people which i still love to this day! it is true, that true love never dies. hope to see you many times in 2010. cheers!

  2. #5 is the scary one …

  3. Tasneem R Says:

    Hi.. very nice definitions of Love… 🙂

    Love is…. – How much do you really know about the word ‘love’?
    ( it’s a free fun test )

  4. BEAUTIFULl Alina…you really know how to put into words just what’s in your heart…thank you for sharing your talent wih us…God bless!

  5. oh what a lovely post…

    we are all created by GOD’s LOVE, so it is natural for us to GIVE LOVE.

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