Body painting

Today I discovered the wonderful work of Waclaw Wantuch.The pictures and the video are original and interesting.Everytime I discover a new artist I’m very glad that I have the chance to admire his pictures, paintings or drawings.Enjoy it 🙂

Waclaw Wantuch is born 1965 in Tuchów. He is graduated of the Cracow Academy of Fine Arts and he is working as a graphics artists and art photographer.
He has individual exhibitions and took part in joint presentations in Poland and abroad.


3 Responses to “Body painting”

  1. Interesting body painting. I like the images, but think all that paint would be itchy. 🙂

  2. This body art is amazing, especially with the combination of background. The artist is very creative. Thanks Alina for putting me in your blog lists. I’am deeply honour.

  3. It always amazes me how some of us are just plain and ordinary when others are so awesome and colorful! Thanks for finding and sharing these! Amazing!

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