Little souls

They are the most beautiful angels 🙂 What do you like the most at children? I like a lot them smiles, them innocence and them love. They give us true love especially when they are little. Enjoy it!


14 Responses to “Little souls”

  1. adorable,

    you are amazing in finding these precious moments to share,
    take care. 😉

  2. I LIKE!!!
    seems that the children fever is running thru our blogs this week LOL

  3. Like their cute faces, innocent smiles, unconditional love if you offer the same, and more…

    • You have right,my friend! 🙂
      I think that the innocence,the unconditional love,etc makes them specials.

      Have a special day!! 😉

  4. I love all of the photos. Children are sooo honest. That is one of the things I love about them! 🙂 Have a fun week Alina!

  5. Tasneem R Says:

    Well rightly said ! Children gives us true love when they are young . Their heart is pure which is why it is said that God hears their prayers quickly .
    I want be the little baby again ! lol

    • I want be me too little baby again,but we can’t change anything 🙂
      Every step is important in our life so i will enjoy every moment 😉

      Have a special day,my friend!

  6. Awww, these children photos are precious! I love the little mermaid girl one. She reminds me of my youngest. 😀

    • 😉 I’m glad that you like it,Jean.
      In every child we can see our children or our future’s one 😉

      Enjoy the moment,my friend! 🙂

  7. okay the children are precious but that first picture freaked me out!!!

    • I laughed with tears when i saw it because i imagined how it does in real with her eyes.Lots of winks,isn’t it? :))

      Have a nice day,Lynn! 🙂

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