The piano

Hi everyone! I searched some new music on the internet and I discovered a great artist.His name is Muneer Hameer.I have listened almost all his piano’s cover and I just loved it. Someday I hope that I will have the chance to learn singing like him me too 🙂 Do you like to listen music at the piano? What is your opinion about this instrument? I think that every instrument has his story. The piano, guitar and harp are my favorite instruments. Which one is yours? Enjoy it! 🙂


12 Responses to “The piano”

  1. hello,
    piano music is lovely to listen,

    my two boys play piano and Cello,
    Cello is school orchestra option and they have school concerts, honor orchestra concerts from the locale college, city, and state…

    it is cool if you have a kid who is excel on cello or another instruments and play in the concert for you to listen, enjoy…
    I loved all the music they play,

    Odel to joy,
    Merry Christmas songs,
    plus dozens or hundreds of other music
    in the past 6 years. My old son is to be 17 this may, he has played Cello for about 7 years, always first chair, proud of his talents…

    I love the collection on your blog,
    it is cool to go musical to start the week, 😉 😉

    • Thank you,Jingle.I’m glad that you like this post.
      You are a lucky father 🙂
      I would like to listen all these songs me too 😉

      Be happy my friend! 🙂

  2. wow, forgive me for my typos,
    sometimes too rushy..

    I am touched by your lovely comments in my blog, you are so true and fancy, I wish you the best,
    because you deserve the best.

    I loved your smiles,
    your smiling words,
    and your beautiful spirits.

    cheers, 😉 😉

    • Don’t worry about it, my friend!
      I’m glad that you told me because I like to know my friends life abit too 🙂

      Thank you for the compliment.

      Have a special day, Jingle 😉

  3. wulan Says:

    i’ve ever learned piano but it’s such a difficult instrument i think..
    i can play guitar and it’s easier than piano..

    • I know that piano its abit difficult me too 🙂
      Even at the guitar I think the same 😀 Anyway…nothing it’s impossible 😉
      We can do everything we would like if we really want it.

      Thanks for passing by!

      Have a beautiful day!

  4. I feel that this artist is in touch with his passion and love for the piano. Wish I could play one! Have a great week Alina!

    • Have a great week you too,my friend! 😉
      Yes!I admire his talent and his passion for the piano.

      Take care,Doraz! 🙂

  5. I love piano music, both classical and pop and rock and roll. My favorite pop singer/rock star is Elton John and some of his allure , for me, is the piano playing.
    The guitar is a close second for me as I have played both piano and guitar but I like the violin also. Thank-you for this post, Alina. I like the Fray song the best of the two of these. I hear more variation in it.

    • I’m glad that you liked this post,Leslie 🙂
      You have a busy life i think if you have time to paint and to play at instruments too 😉
      I love the song “Sacrifice” by Elton John 😉

      Have a special night,my friend! 🙂

  6. i have to be honest with you.
    This guy is a very talented pianist.
    So why do cover songs.
    i’m sure i’m not alone i believing a person who lacks inspiration to create his/her own music isn’t really a true artist.
    its called replication.
    in the hours and hours this guy spent learning this song.
    he could potentially have created a masterpiece of his own.
    i’m sorry for putting such a strong opinion on your blog.
    But thats how i genuinely feel

    • You don’t have to be sorry, Richard.You have right. I’m glad that you have this opinion 🙂 I was wondering the same question me too. I listened his cover songs and then I was wonder why he doesn’t create his own music if is so talented?
      I will try to search about him other songs, but not cover ones. 😉
      If I find something new about his music then I will let you know 🙂

      Enjoy the moment, my friend! 😉

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