Audi R8 V8

Enjoy it 😉

The Audi R8 entry was unprecedented as it usurped the position of the best entry supercar in the world from the Porsche 911 the undisputed king for over four decades. The fact that Audis first attempt at a supercar has been so good and that the waiting list seems endless despite Audi’s Quattro division producing over 4000 car every year speaks volumes about its abilities. The RS4 derived 420bhp V8 not sounds brilliant it also goes like stink while the pearl string daylight lamps were accepted so well it’s become standard for all new Audi.With more than a dozen dealership trained to handle the car across the country and handling abilities that are second to none the R8 is a great value supercar for those wanting to break into the rarefied club.
Engine: 4163cc, V8, FSI
Transmission: 6-speed auto
Power (bhp @ rpm): 420@7800
Torque (kgm@ rpm):43.7@3300-5500
Dimension: LxWxH(mm): 4431x1904x1252
Wheelbase: 2650mm
What’s it got: Most balanced supercar available today
What it ain’t: Doesn’t enjoy Porsche brand value
Anything else?: The new Porsche 911 PDK the BWM M6 the Mercedes Benz SL500/63 AMG


2 Responses to “Audi R8 V8”

  1. The new audis just look amazing, it’s good to see german companies separate themselves from the rest.

  2. we used to have an audi TT (see link). that car was fun to drive but i’m sure nothing like this one! i liked this post alina.

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