Rainbows in our hearts


12 Responses to “Rainbows in our hearts”

  1. lianamerlo Says:

    These are breathtaking!
    I particularly like the last one with the umbrella.

  2. Awesome pictures but that last bit, a lot easier said than done.
    but we can try.

  3. Great images and encouraging words. Also, I see the U2 post. This summer they are playing where I live, practically my backyard, and I’m very excited. I’ve never seen them and I’m a longtime fan. Thanks. Enjoy the day 🙂

  4. Alina…I LOVE to come to your place. You always seem to know when I need a “lift!” These are beautiful and I thank you for making me SMILE…over and over again!

  5. Rainbow in everywhere in your place,
    what whole and full love u have for others.
    I am touched.
    beautiful post!
    have a beautiful Monday,
    Alina, 😉

  6. i love these pics you’ve chosen for us today. especially the birds! your blog is looking so professional alina!!

  7. Beautiful, beautiful images. I always pop in here when I need cheering up. Thank you Alina. 🙂

  8. Just like you Alina, rainbows and smiles. 🙂

  9. Thank you for these beautiful pictures Alina – a good way to kick the day into gear – S

  10. How beautiful to wake up to incredible rainbows. You have given me a hot fudge sundae for breakfast with no calories. Gorgeous.

  11. All these rainbows with you on the other end! You are a pot of gold. 🙂

  12. nuvoletta Says:


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