The impossible love

Now few days I admired in Blissbait blog a very great painting:
She remembers me of a very beautiful Romanian legend called:
The Legend of the Sun and the Moon 🙂
Legend of the Sun and the Moon is said that Sun was the brother of Moon. When the sun had age to marry he got off the sky to search for a wife on earth. When he missed, everything was in darkness. But Sun could not find any wife to like. The Sun slowly fell in love with his sister the Moon. When their mother saw their incestuous love she cursed and took a hand on each and gets thrown in different parts of the sky. So the two celestial bodies cannot be seeing each other but never meet.

Marc Lavoine – Reviens mon amour (Come back my love)


9 Responses to “The impossible love”

  1. What a beautifully romantic story Alina ! Thank you for sharing it with us !

  2. Wow, what a story that is. ?) Love is so hard to bear at times. I hope you have much love in your life….always! 🙂

  3. I like the story you shared about the sun and the moon, Alina. I had not heard it before. My Father had plaques of the sun and the moon hanging all around his fenceline surrounding his pool. He is deceased now. I wonder if he knew that story. I hope he did.

  4. This was indeed beautiful. Never heard it before. It’s rather enchanting.

  5. cool post!

  6. i find folklore fascinating.
    All of the greatest modern stories can find ther roots there.
    is that katherine zeta jones in the video.

  7. Hello Alina,

    I am Shakira, here from Dustus’ blog and
    I must say, You have such a lovely blog,
    with so much love, warmth and I feel so cosy here.

    I love your story about the Moon and Sun,
    I will never be able to see them like before!
    The Chinese also has a legend about the Moon
    and we celebrate The Romance of the Moon,
    via a festival known as Moon Festival.

    I shall be following you.
    love to be back.


  8. A fascinating legend.. great pics and beautiful music of Marc. Thanks for sharing.
    Love & peace,

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