What is your favorite day?


15 Responses to “What is your favorite day?”

  1. My work week has never been normal as I’ve worked week-ends and midnights and all sorts of jobs. A good day is any day I can get up and look forward to what the day brings. Love the melting clock, Alina!

  2. Since I work a 9 – 5, Monday through Friday regular job, my favorite day is Saturday! Of course…

  3. of course my fav day is friday as demonstrated in this YouTube flick!!

    • I agree, a good day is a day when I want to wake up and see what the day brings. Happiness and humility, aligned not at odds, harmony and convergence, I suppose would qualify on a deeper level. But a bad day can also turn good, like today.

  4. The video from Lynn says it all! Any day that I’m not at work is a good day, because I wake at day break, stay busy the entire day, but doing things that I want to do, instead of things I have to do. So TGIF!

  5. Hey Leslie – I recgonise that clock – I think it got thrown against a wall
    heh heh
    My favourite day is every day I open my eyes and realise I have been spared for another.
    Of course there are times when I wake up wondering why this would be so – but that is a different matter

    Hey Alina – this is such a sweet gentle site – thanks hey


  6. My fav day is Saturday, no work and it is so easy and restful.

  7. Every single day is my favorite and I consider them miracles

  8. Every day is my fav..just being able to get out of bed and have a place to go makes it a wonderful day…..sorry it took me so long to get by hope all is well with you!! 🙂

    Have a blessed day!

  9. Work? What is that? lol 🙂
    Paid or unpaid?

  10. Tasneem R Says:

    IT IS SOO FUNNY ! yes I’m like this most of the weeks!! I love weekends which is very normal among workers and students…
    Holidays are Fun!
    Holidays – The total ingredient for pure fun!

  11. I love everyday!
    good question,
    Happy Wednesday!

  12. I love Friday and Saturday! Friday afternoon me and my classmates go for Chinese food for lunch then my friend comes round for the eveving. Saturday is when I get to sit and listen to the football (soccer) – I turn on the radio at noon and listen until 6pm. I get to paint at the same time. Sheer bliss! I like Tuesdays because it’s Fat Tuesday – I get 2 breaks between classes that are 45 minutes each, which means me and my classmates effectively have 2 mini-lunches! I detest Monday – always.

  13. Any day you want to get up and see what the day holds. Any day that ends well.

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