A butterfly,a mask or?

This painting I realized it when I was in high school.
The theme of the day was to paint something that we like very much.
I thought I was painting a butterfly because I love, but in the end also seems like a mask …
What do you think is:a butterfly, a mask or something else? 🙂
Enjoy the moment! 😉


5 Responses to “A butterfly,a mask or?”

  1. It’s a butterfly mask

  2. Well, I was also going to say butterfly mask lol.

    It also looks like a person’s chest, ribs and lungs, doesn’t it? Maybe I need help. lol

    Best wishes Alina 🙂

  3. how precious,
    I am glad that you have kept it…
    Happy Friday!

    very creative and cool paint!

  4. It’s a butterfly! 🙂 …..and a pretty one too!

  5. Beautiful painting (water color right)…blog on 🙂

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