Happy April Fool’s Day everyone!! :)

April Fool’s Day Jokes
The “fools’ errands” we play on people are practical jokes. Putting salt in the sugar bowl for the next person is not a nice trick to play on a stranger. College students set their clocks an hour behind, so their roommates show up to the wrong class – or not at all. Some practical jokes are kept up the whole day before the victim realizes what day it is. Most April Fool jokes are in good fun and not meant to harm anyone. The most clever April Fool joke is the one where everyone laughs, especially the person upon whom the joke is played.

The First April Fool’s Day
Then in 1562, Pope Gregory introduced a new calendar for the Christian world, and the new year fell on January first. There were some people, however, who hadn’t heard or didn’t believe the change in the date, so they continued to celebrate New Year’s Day on April first. Others played tricks on them and called them “April fools.” They sent them on a “fool’s errand” or tried to make them believe that something false was true.

Poisson d’Avril
In France today, April first is called “Poisson d’Avril.” French children fool their friends by taping a paper fish to their friends’ backs. When the “young fool” discovers this trick, the prankster yells “Poisson d’Avril!” (April Fish!)

April Fool’s Day in the USA
Americans play small tricks on friends and strangers alike on the first of April. One common trick on April Fool’s Day, or All Fool’s Day, is pointing down to a friend’s shoe and saying, “Your shoelace is untied.” Teachers in the nineteenth century used to say to pupils, “Look! A flock of geese!” and point up. School children might tell a classmate that school has been canceled. Whatever the trick, if the innocent victim falls for the joke the prankster yells, “April Fool! “

You Know What They Say About Fools…
• It’s better to keep your mouth shut and be thought a fool than to open it and leave no doubt. –Mark Twain
• However big the fool, there is always a bigger fool to admire him. — Nicolas Boileau-Despréaux
• [Politicians] never open their mouths without subtracting from the sum of human knowledge. — Thomas Reed
• He who lives without folly isn’t so wise as he thinks. — François, Duc de La Rochefoucauld
• The ultimate result of shielding men from the effects of folly, is to fill the world with fools. — Herbert Spencer
• Sometimes one likes foolish people for their folly, better than wise people for their wisdom. — Elizabeth Gaskell
• Looking foolish does the spirit good. — John Updike
• Let us be thankful for the fools. But for them the rest of us could not succeed. — Mark Twain
• A fool sees not the same tree that a wise man sees. — William Blake
• A fool must now and then be right by chance. — Cowper
• It is better to be a fool than to be dead. — Stevenson
• The first of April is the day we remember what we are the other 364 days of the year. — Mark Twain


8 Responses to “Happy April Fool’s Day everyone!! :)”

  1. I had no idea how April Fool’s started and honestly I’ve always wondered, thank you mon amie, now I’ll pass this on and be the smartest.

  2. WOW, what a lot of very interesting information on one of my favorite days of the year! Have fun now! 🙂

  3. nice. glad to know the history…i got 3 today…and someone just got me a few minutes ago when my guard was down…

  4. i’m a fool.
    And i hope never to not be. lol

  5. Tasneem R Says:

    Ok you’ve given a whole lot of information about 1st april and about fools lol! Thanks mate , It;s always interesting and fun to learn new things … Blogging is a good medium to spread around knowledge and laughter … 😀
    Here;s a fun test quite related to the theme of your post –
    Month Personality – Find out what your favorite month reveals about you.

  6. I forgot it was April Fool’s Day until the afternoon – by which time it’s too late – as it ends at 12 noon. No idea why that is, but you can’t play a prank after that.

    When I was growing up, we would play a prank on my dad and wake him up to tell him his motorbike had been stolen or something equally cruel. We used to roar with laughter at him jumping up out of bed and running to the window, only to see his bike was still there. Good times.

    Thank you for sharing Alina. I love how your blog aims to brighten up everyone’s day.

    Have a great day girl!

  7. dustus Says:

    Informative post. Some great quotations too. 🙂 Have a great weekend!

  8. how thoughtful,
    you are smart,
    Happy Post April Fool’s Day!

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