Happy Easter everyone!!! :)

Easter in Romania is celebrated according to the rituals of the Eastern Orthodox Church. The Easter entire season consists of Flowers Saturday (Lazarus’ Saturday), Palm Day (Flowers Day), Great Thursday, Great Friday, Easter, The Small Fountain and Good People’s Easter. Each of these has small interesting rituals. The Easter celebration goes on for a long week and finally wraps with Good People’s Easter celebrated in honor of the ancient spirits.
The Friday before the Easter is called the Great Friday or the Friday of sufferings, as it is the day when Jesus was crucified. On Saturday, people go to church for the midnight mass, taking with them a bowl of Pasca, eggs and steak, where these aliments are blessed by the clergy. On returning home from the mass, people first eat some of the sanctified aliments and only then the rest.
Starting with Holy Thursday, people start painting eggs in a multitude of colors. The predominant color is red, but other colors are also applied – yellow, green, blue and even black. Decorated eggs or ‘oua incondeiate’ are an integral part of Easter celebration in Romania. The eggs are decorated using a type of thin and round sticks called chisita, made of beech wood.
The special Easter cake, known as Pasca, is baked on Great Thursday. The Pasca can have a round shape (reminding little Jesus’ diapers) or a rectangular one (the shape of his grave). The shells of the eggs used for the Pasca are thrown in a river. This action stems from the ancient belief that the shells are taken by the river to the country of the Good People, announcing them the Easter has came.
In some regions (Bucovina, Transylvania), there is a tradition called “the wetting”. On Monday morning, the boys take a bucket of water and go to the houses of the unmarried girls. If they found them sleeping, the boys throw water on them. As it is believed that those girls will marry soon, they reward the boys who had wetted them by giving them the most beautiful decorated eggs and Pasca or cake.


18 Responses to “Happy Easter everyone!!! :)”

  1. Happy Easter to you Too, Alina! I enjoyed learning about the Romanian Easter customs. This post was designed so well. I also enjoyed viewing both videos.The detail in many of those colored eggs is stunning.

  2. breetsuts Says:

    Happy Easter to you as well, Alina! My father’s side of the family is Eastern Orthodox, from Macedonia and Bulgaria, and I have always loved those Easter traditions. Christ is risen! Many blessings to you.

  3. Happy Easter Alina ! Thank you for sharing these customs with us. Have a lovely day !

  4. What a very beautiful story. I love your culture. Embracing it and sharing it with others is the best! Happy Easter to you and all of your friends and family! 🙂 Thanks Alina!

  5. blissbait Says:

    Hey Lovely Alina! You have got to be one of the very sweetest people on the planet! Thank You for sharing these customs and this beauty with us. I hope You have a WONDERFUL Easter! Big Hugs and Cheers and Namaste. 🙂

  6. Happy Easter Alina 🙂
    Thanks for sharing these customs.

  7. Very happy Easter to you too – what a great day to celebrate – S

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    thank you for visiting my blog,
    some awards for you to pick up,
    Happy Sunday!

  9. Thanks for sharing this lovely post and HAPPY EASTER:-) Blog On:-)

  10. Hey honey, happy easter to you and thank you for sharing about your country with us, you beauty

  11. Tasneem R Says:

    The last 2 pix are soo cute..! I’ve never seen such cute rabbits ! Oh my god ! I love them !

  12. love the bunnies the best,
    talented writing,
    beautiful story!

  13. I hope you had a great Easter!

  14. Happy Easter Alina! I hope your holiday was wonderful.

  15. Hristos a Înviat, Alina!

  16. Happy Easter, dear Alina!
    Hope you’ve had a blessed time 🙂

  17. such interesting information regarding Easter in romania. i am getting smarter everyday! 🙂

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