Train – Hey soul sister


7 Responses to “Train – Hey soul sister”

  1. I like it! Very fun ti dance to! 🙂 Good beat! 🙂 Dance on!

  2. yeah ! I LOVE this song Alina ! It does get your spirit pumping ! Hope you’re having a great weekend !

  3. another way to entertainment,
    you are sharp AND sweet!

  4. Thanks, Alina! Forgot how much I like Train. Guess I’ll pull my CD out today. 🙂


    I placed you in the list,
    hope that you help nominate some blogs that you enjoy visiting…
    Happy Tuesday!
    beautiful blog from beautiful soul!

  6. Happy Wednesday!
    love the beautiful images!

  7. Desiree Says:

    Love this song! Happy wednesday!

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