Train – Hey soul sister

7 Responses to “Train – Hey soul sister”

  1. I like it! Very fun ti dance to!🙂 Good beat!🙂 Dance on!

  2. yeah ! I LOVE this song Alina ! It does get your spirit pumping ! Hope you’re having a great weekend !

  3. another way to entertainment,
    you are sharp AND sweet!

  4. Thanks, Alina! Forgot how much I like Train. Guess I’ll pull my CD out today.🙂


    I placed you in the list,
    hope that you help nominate some blogs that you enjoy visiting…
    Happy Tuesday!
    beautiful blog from beautiful soul!😉

  6. Happy Wednesday!😉
    love the beautiful images!

  7. Desiree Says:

    Love this song! Happy wednesday!

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