A moment of admiration


12 Responses to “A moment of admiration”

  1. absolutely admirable!

  2. Life is good.
    The World awaits us all.
    We have only to embace it
    With all of our passion and love.

    Have a beautiful day Alina.

  3. Wow just beautiful the colors lovely. I am loving this post Alina 🙂 Keep up the good work thanks for sharing.

  4. What beautiful images, Alina. Thank you for sharing them. 🙂

  5. i’d really like to know how the technical specifics of that second shot! very cool and artistic!

  6. spectacular pictures of our lovely earth. They are truly beautiful.

  7. Color taken to the max! Thank-you, Alina!

  8. Wow ! I would like to see some of these on my walls !!!

  9. These colours are amazing – if we painted that people would think we were dreaming

  10. This would make great wallpapers

  11. gillesdep Says:

    Bravo Alina pour ce choix. Je suis vraiment admiratif pour ces magnifiques photos.

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