Sand castle

Do you remember when you played in the sand and you create the most beautiful and original castles?
Would you like to describe me a special moment from your childhood? 🙂


8 Responses to “Sand castle”

  1. Wow these are magnificent great post 🙂 Very creative and artist are those artist:-)

  2. I think that it is sad when the waves come and knock down your work, so I do not do it. lol 🙂 My kids did and they always got mad. lol 🙂 I remember my first bike. Tooo cool. 🙂

  3. Thanks, Alina. These are beautiful! Yes. I spent many hours every summer at the Wilmette beach, north of Chicago, building castles. Mine never looked like these, but I loved creating them from different plastic tubbies and buckets that my Grandmother would supply me with.

  4. dustus Says:

    Amazing! Great photos of the castles too.

  5. nice!

  6. whoa, these sandcastles were amazing alina!

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