Argentine tango

Argentine tango consists of a variety of styles that developed in different regions and eras, and in response to the crowding of the venue and even the fashions in clothing.
It is danced in an embrace that can vary from very open, in which leader and follower connect at arms length, to very closed, in which the connection is chest-to-chest, or anywhere in between.
Tango is essentially walking with a partner and the music. Musicality is an extremely important element of dancing tango. A good dancer is one who transmits a feeling of the music to the partner. Also, dancers generally keep their feet close to the floor as they walk, the ankles and knees brushing as one leg passes the other.
The very good argentine Tango dancer knows to lead and does this in the way that the foot steps of him and of his partner steps into the music as dancing the sheet of music, like being a further instrument. One of the very interesting parts of the argentine Tango is, that man and women does not dance the same part as in a mirrow. He can lead her other elements, then he will dance himself and combines them to new combinations.
The school of thought about this is, if there is open space in front, there are likely people waiting behind. Dancers are expected to respect the other couples on the floor; colliding or even crowding another couple, or stepping on others’ feet is to be avoided strenuously. It is considered rude; in addition to possible physical harm rendered, it can be disruptive to a couple’s musicality.


3 Responses to “Argentine tango”

  1. We’ve been picking up some Argentine tango, but are still better at American tango. For now!

  2. I enjoy watching the Tango performed more than any of the other ballroom dances. Thank-you for this, Alina!

  3. hot moves and beautiful words.

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