Old drawing 2


6 Responses to “Old drawing 2”

  1. Bright colors thanks for sharing 🙂

  2. Any idea behind this ?

  3. Looks lovely. Very detailed.

  4. What a nice arrangement of shapes, Alina. You have taken a minimal amount of color and simple shapes and really created a nice piece.

  5. blissbait Says:

    Hey Alina! I like this. I love Your colours and the lighting You gave Your objects. Very cool. I hope You are having a Wonderful day! Thank You and Cheers and Namaste. 🙂

  6. blissbait Says:

    liquid taking shape
    in colours i’d like to wear
    through this dancing light…

    (a haiku inspired by Your drawing)

    Hope You’re having a GREAT time, my friend! Cheers and Namaste. 🙂

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