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Letter to Santa Claus!

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Dear Santa,

Please take care of my friends.
Do not forget that they need health,love,happiness and joy with your loved ones…
May i ask,dear Santa,for Christmas night to snow with flakes of joy over them and that their guardian angel to not ever leave them.

Thank you,dear Santa.


You could?

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Could you forget someone who you loved it? 


The perfect moment

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“In the night the earth looks much interesting. The colors change: the Moon looks beautiful…the stars make people dream with eyes opened…
She walks around with someone who she loves him a lot and she saw the moon who watches itself in the water admiring the beautiful face…She saw also a young couple who admire all this beauty hugging each other and telling them nice words that touched they heart…
She looked at the nature and suddenly she realized that she was with the most important person of her life there. It was the perfect moment.A moment that she would like to never finish.
He searched her eyes…he smiles her in a sweet way…he wait a sign for her: a simple word, a warming touch, a natural regard.
She turns her head and she takes his face on her hands. She watched the beauty of the moon through his eyes, who listen also her words, and she told him:
-You are my heart! You can hear the song of my heart if you listen it… you can feel the love of my heart if you let me show you…you can see my feelings if you look into my eyes…all this is for you, my love!
He loved her beautiful words a lot and he just told her:
-You are my moon: beautiful, natural and so magic! You give me your heart?
-I feel honored to be the only man who has the chance to have it!
-I will promise you something, my love…that I will keep it very carefully close of my heart like a baby. I will listen her song every night and every time I feel sad because I know that helps me a lot to pass through the sad moments. I will let you show me your love and I will show you mine too because I need you…because I want to give you the most pure love that I keep it only for you here deep inside of me, my love.
-I will promise you that I will look into your eyes and in the same time I will touch your heart with my hand slowly, with my words deeply ,with my feelings day by day…I will show you that you are my moon!
The Moon goes into the clouds and they were kissed until them hearts singed the same song and they feel that them love grows day by day being strong and pure like the Moon and stars from the sky in the night!”

Listen to your heart

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What is love?

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How would you describe love?

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Declaration of love!

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