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Too good to be true,isn’t it?

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The impossible love

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Now few days I admired in Blissbait blog a very great painting:
She remembers me of a very beautiful Romanian legend called:
The Legend of the Sun and the Moon 🙂
Legend of the Sun and the Moon is said that Sun was the brother of Moon. When the sun had age to marry he got off the sky to search for a wife on earth. When he missed, everything was in darkness. But Sun could not find any wife to like. The Sun slowly fell in love with his sister the Moon. When their mother saw their incestuous love she cursed and took a hand on each and gets thrown in different parts of the sky. So the two celestial bodies cannot be seeing each other but never meet.

Marc Lavoine – Reviens mon amour (Come back my love)

Robbie Williams – Morning sun

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Enjoy it 😉