Sweet dreams! :)

What have you dreamed last time? The dream was black and white or color? Do you believe that what is writing in the book of dreams is real too?


4 Responses to “Sweet dreams! :)”

  1. As I go to sleep I see
    All kinds of silly people looking at me
    What do I do
    What do I say
    I just hope, they all
    GO AWAY!

  2. I mostly dream in black and white. Once in awhile they are in color. I keep a pencil and paper next to my bed and write my dream on it when I awaken. Some, I only remember parts of. Yes, I look them up in a dream book. I believe our dreams have to do with us and that they are fragments of our subconscious helping us to put things together. I think there are dream books that are full of baloney and some that are written to help you figure your own way through the images you have dreamed. I have a book that deals with the latter.

  3. I don’t dream that much,
    loved the stars in the first photo,

    lovely and curious post!
    U R young and full of promise when u dare to dream big and ask many questions…


  4. Dreams with color linger and beckon my return. I hope I dream in color tonight.

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