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A cup of coffee

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Coffee art

The legend of coffee
Did you know that coffee dates back to the early 1300’s? Legend has it that coffee was first discovered by a goat herder named Kaldi in the high plateaus of Ethiopia. While his herd was nibbling on the bright red cherries of a shrub, Kaldi watched with amazement as the goats began to dance with glee. Kaldi then tried the berries himself and was suddenly filled with energy and alertness!
Excited with his discovery, Kaldi took the cherries to some local Monks. The Monks proclaimed the cherries evil and threw them in the fire to cleanse them. The beans in the cherries began to roast and the aroma enticed the Monks to rake them from the embers.
The Monks, still believing the beans to be evil, crushed them and purified them in boiling water. Hence, they drank their first cup of coffee. And the rest, as they say, is history!
Today, coffee is grown on plantations throughout the tropical regions of the world. Few beverages offer such universal appeal as coffee. As such, coffee is the world’s second largest trade commodity!

Wise words of coffee
1)«A good cup of coffee should be as hot as a young girl’s kiss on the 1st day, sweet as her love on the 3rd day, and as black as her mother’s curses when she learns about it!»
Maurice Talleyrand
2)«Coffee should be hot as hell, black as the devil, pure as an angel and sweet as love!»
Charles-Maurice De Talleyrand-Perigord
3)«Made with art, it should also be drunk with art…»
Albd el Cader (16th century)
4)«In the past, to refuse a cup of coffee to his wife was a good reason for divorce among Turkish people»
William ‘X Akers

Worldwide coffee
-Arabian = qahwab
-Icelandic = Kaffi
-Chinese = kai-fey
-Italian = caffe
-Dutch = Koffie
-Japanese = Kohi
-Russian = Kofje
-Rumanian = Cafea
-Esperanto = Kafva
-Polish = kawa
-Finnish = Kahvi
-Portuguese = cafe
-French = cafe
-German = kaffee
-Spanish = cafe
-Turkish = kahve
-Greek = καφές

Which type of coffee it’s your favorite?