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Funny little friends

Posted in animals with tags , , , on 29/01/2010 by Alina

I like animals because sometimes are much smart then us. They are close of us every day. Few of them we see it on the street, in our friends home, at the zoo and other survive in the forest the best place to enjoy life in silence ;)They are our friends too. Enjoy life just like they do it 🙂


Little cats

Posted in I like... with tags , , on 12/01/2010 by Alina

Do you like animals? What is your favorite one?
My favorite’s animals are cats, dogs, ladybugs, butterfly and fishes 😉

Imagine it…

Posted in Pictures with tags , , , on 08/01/2010 by Alina

How you imagine our world after 50 years? I think that today everything it’s possible so we can dream abit, isn’t it? 😀