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Julian Perretta – Stitch me up

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The piano

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Hi everyone! I searched some new music on the internet and I discovered a great artist.His name is Muneer Hameer.I have listened almost all his piano’s cover and I just loved it. Someday I hope that I will have the chance to learn singing like him me too 🙂 Do you like to listen music at the piano? What is your opinion about this instrument? I think that every instrument has his story. The piano, guitar and harp are my favorite instruments. Which one is yours? Enjoy it! 🙂

Nightwish – While your lips are still red

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Enya – Only time

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Scorpions – Still loving you/Holiday/Lonely nights

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I will always love them songs. Almost all generations love them songs and this is something really great. Enjoy it

Helloween – Forever and one

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It’s my favorite song! I like the passion from his voice and also the words from song. Enjoy it.

Shakira – Did it again

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