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Expression of hands

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Lady Gaga Painting

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I love her talent.Bravo,McNally!!!!Enjoy it!  😉

One year in 2 minutes

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Eirik Solheim was made this great video!In only 2 minutes he show us the beauty of the nature.Thank you Eirik!You can also visit his blog here and you can discover how he worked to creat this beautiful video.Enjoy it! 🙂

Human art!

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Enjoy it! 😉

Hungry of art!

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Art means to use your mind and to creat what you think,what you feel,what you want to express.
Flowers,the rain,the sky… help us to creat something that we like,something that we imagine.
For exemple:you hear a song and you close your eyes…What do you imagine?What do you feel when you hear this song?Try to draw what you imagine when you hear this song!You will be surprised of your imagination 😉

Painted cats

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What do you think about these cats? Are they scary or funny?Which one is your favorite? The 10 picture is my favorite,but the last one is the most funny! :))

Willie Ronis

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Willy Ronis (August 14, 1910 – September 12, 2009) was a French photographer, the best-known of whose work shows life in post-war Paris and Provence. He was born in Paris; his father was a Jewish refugee from Odessa, and his mother was a refugee from Lithuania, both escaped from the pogroms. His father opened a photography studio in Montmartre, and his mother gave piano lessons. The boy’s early interest was music and he hoped to become a composer.