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She:Where are you? He:Close to you!

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Letter to Santa Claus!

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Dear Santa,

Please take care of my friends.
Do not forget that they need health,love,happiness and joy with your loved ones…
May i ask,dear Santa,for Christmas night to snow with flakes of joy over them and that their guardian angel to not ever leave them.

Thank you,dear Santa.

Hurts – Wonderful life

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I just love this song!Enjoy it! 😉

Friendship is…?

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What means for you “true friendship”?
Do you think that is important to have many friends around us or just 1,2?Why?
What is your opinion about people who doesn’t have any friend?

What is love?

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French advertising

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I like a lot this advertising because it’s full of joy and it makes me dream with eyes opened! 🙂 Enjoy it! 😉

Have fun!!!

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