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To love and to be strong!

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Sometimes children are much strong than us. They understand things that we just don’t know how to explain it. They teach us to love with all our heart and to forgive without asking anything. Learn from them to love other sincerely, to be strong when in life you have problems and to forgive without thinking at the past anymore 🙂 Enjoy it!! 😉


At the school

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A little boy came home from his first day at new school and his
mother asked him how his day had been.
“Oh, it was ok. But the teacher asked me if i had any brothers
or sisters that would be coming to the school.” The little boy
“Oh how nice of her to take an interest in our family what did
she say when you told her you were an only child?” The mother
asked pleased.
The little boy looked puzzled and replied, “She just laughed and
said thank goodness!”

Little souls

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They are the most beautiful angels 🙂 What do you like the most at children? I like a lot them smiles, them innocence and them love. They give us true love especially when they are little. Enjoy it!

Children’s innocence

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They are our little angels that can change life from the first moment they born .I love them 🙂

Let’s help them!

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This is a TV commercial to help eliminate maternal and neo-natal tetanus across the world. Let’s help them now until it’s not too late.Them are just children who need our support.