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Listen to your heart

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It is enaugh to love?

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Our feelings!!!

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In love

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What would you do for the person that you love her/him?

A girl ask a boy: – Do you like me?
He answers her: No!
Then she asks him: -Do you find me a nice girl?
He answers her again: No!
After a while she ask: Am I in your heart?
He tells her again: No!
For the last time she ask him: If I go away, would you cry after me?
He answers her again: No!
She, sad left.
And then he takes her hand and tells her:
I don’t like you, I love you.
I don’t think that you are a nice girl; I think that you are gorgeous.
You aren’t in my heart, you are my heart.
I will not cry after you, if you go away, I will die after you.

Aerosmith – Amazing

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In love of you!

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You love your boyfriend/girlfriend with all your heart.How would you like to surprise him/her? 🙂