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At the school

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A little boy came home from his first day at new school and his
mother asked him how his day had been.
“Oh, it was ok. But the teacher asked me if i had any brothers
or sisters that would be coming to the school.” The little boy
“Oh how nice of her to take an interest in our family what did
she say when you told her you were an only child?” The mother
asked pleased.
The little boy looked puzzled and replied, “She just laughed and
said thank goodness!”



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1.Don’t smoke too much or don’t smoke at all
2.Work hard
3.Drink good drinks
4.Smile as much as you can
5.Don’t look too much at the mirror
6.Change your life routine
7.Take care of your appearance
8.Brush your teeth after meals
9.Make lovely jokes with your friends