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Who’s there?

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Weird and funny haircuts

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Little duck

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Hi everyone!
I will tell you a funny story! 🙂
When I was little my grandmother had many tiny ducklings.
One day, I’m bored and I got one in my hands.
I watched it right in the eyes … I talked it… it looked at me … I caressed it easy because it was so tiny and very cute yellow … she watched me again…then suddenly catch me with beak of upper lip and bite me.
I think I was the one who talked too much! Ha ha ha!
Even now I have that little sign that the little duck made it to me!
Do you like the stories? What kind of stories you prefer? 🙂 Enjoy it! 😉

The beautiful butterfly and the sweet little ladybird

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My favourites videos.Enjoy it! 🙂

Funny little friends

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I like animals because sometimes are much smart then us. They are close of us every day. Few of them we see it on the street, in our friends home, at the zoo and other survive in the forest the best place to enjoy life in silence ;)They are our friends too. Enjoy life just like they do it 🙂

The pink panther

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An abstract world

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